What does Hand Painted mean?

  • Most of what we make is painted by hand with little tiny brushes to get all those fine details. We use mason stains, under glazes and a gold luster to draw, paint and add details to our work. Each one is truly one-of-a-kind.

What is Wheel Thrown?

  • Wheel thrown means that each piece is individually formed on a tool called a potters wheel with skilled hands. It’s referred to as throwing. Usually used for making things in the round like cups, bowls, vases or plates. Also for trimming edges and making striped designs on the surface.

Where is the work created?

  • My work is entirely handcrafted collection of ceramic wares made from start to finish in our little Southern California home studio. Our pieces are made in small batches with every detail carefully considered throughout the making process. Whether that is building by hand, throwing on the potters wheel, designing models, mold making or, hand painting each piece with one-of-a-kind illustrations and gold luster details. We then fire everything we make (up to three times) reaching temperatures up to 2300˚ F making our wares strong enough to last enough a lifetime.


Are these products safe to use?

  • Yes, we use certified non toxic clay and glazes and fire everything we make to temperatures reaching up to 2300˚ F. This process makes our wares strong, durable. All wares are always food, oven and dishwasher safe. Read our ceramic care guide to learn more about taking care of your custom product!

Are these products Eco-friendly?

Yes, we choose certified non toxic materials and eco-friendly studio practices because we care about sustainability.