Ceramic Care

Our ware is entirely hand crafted from start to finish using locally sourced and certified non toxic clay and glazes. We fire everything (up to three times) with temperatures reaching up to 2300˚ F. This makes every piece high fired, durable and always safe for food and drink.

To  ensure the longevity of your new ceramic ware hand washing is recommended. Stains on unglazed surfaces can be removed with baking soda and a scrub brush. Avoid thermal shock (rapidly taking from hot to cold temperatures or vice versa) and placing over direct heat. Pieces with gold luster are not safe for microwave use.

To clean smoke ware use rubbing alcohol and kosher salt. Gently wipe surfaces clean with rubbing alcohol and a cotton wash cloth. To clean inside of pipe, plug two openings with your fingers. Pour a little rubbing alcohol with a pinch of kosher salt into the third. Cover, shake for 20 seconds then empty. If you're clearing a one hitter work the alcohol and salt though the center using a pipe cleaner. Repeat until clean, then rinse with warm water and air dry before using.